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    The principle of heat pump dryers】
    Working principle of the heat pump dryer is the use of reverse carnot principle,Refrigerants(Most of mixed refrigerants)By compressor compression,Into a high temperature and high pressure gas,The gas temperature can reach100-110℃,Such a high temperature gas through the pipeline(Copper tube)Into the heat exchanger(Condenser)In the,And then through the fan,The heat exchanger(Condenser)The heat generated by the sent to the drying room for heating material、Drying。
    Heat pump dryers main component
     1、Heat pump drying units。Mainly by the compressor、Refrigerants、The evaporator、Condenser(The heat exchanger)、The link line、The control system
     2、Drying room
     3、Material......                                                                               For more information, please clickThe principle of heat pump dryers

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Automatic heat pump dryer control panel

Automatic heat pump dryer control panel

1、There is10A period of time can set different temperature and humidity 2、Convenient operation directly 3、Touch the color LCD display 4、Since the flame state malfunction

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The high temperature、High humidity fan

The high temperature、High humidity fan

A two-way ventilation、Resistance to high temperature and high humidity、Air volume is big、Air pressure is stable、Low noise、Easy maintenance, etc。The environment temperature is the largest130℃,Weak acid weak

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High quality refrigeration copper pipe

High quality refrigeration copper pipe

1、Copper density,Compressive ability。2、Compressive ability is strong:Copper pipe run under pressure3-6MP(1MP=10Kg pressure)。

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Scroll compressor-The famous brand

Scroll compressor-The famous brand

1.High efficiency,Save energy consumption。2.Low noise,Quiet operation。3.Use fixed number of year for a long time,Long-term reliable operation。

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Guangzhou chi energy technology co., LTD. Is a focus on research、Development、Production、Air can heat pump dryers enterprise outstanding person。The concept of professional knowledge of the customer is supreme、The experimental data and the accumulation of experience,For us to win a lot of repeat business。Company is mainly engaged in air dryers with chili dryers,Dachshunds dryers,The FIG dryers,Huang chrysanthemum dryers,Orange tea dryer,Chinese herbal medicine dryer,The dryer of agricultural products,Seafood dryer desiccant drying equipment, etc。In the process of drying is very gentle,The effect of the close to the sun to dry,Drying out of the finished product in any colour,Or palate has been recognized and loved you。

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