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Qingdao honestly state bookkeeping agency co., LTD,Is a focus on small micro enterprise oriented integrated tax financial services platform,The company was founded in2010Years。Mainly to provide:Industrial and commercial registration change、Generation of account、Declare dutiable goods、Enterprise annual inspection、Income tax settlement、Stock transfer、The customs import and export right、As well as a variety of business license certificate(The fire、Food and beverage、Health, etc)To deal with and other services。Can also put the invoice、Certification of VAT invoice、Print invoices, etc。The company through generation of zhang mode innovation,Can let the masses of micro, small and medium enterprises with the most money,Most saving way for cost-effective generation opportunities,Let the enterprise under the premise of no trouble back at home,Easy rapid development。

2015Years the company completed by traditional bookkeeping agency company to the Internet+The fiscal and taxation pattern transformation,Walking in the forefront of the industry。“Honestly state taxation”Committed to providing billing in micro, small and medium enterprises、Declare dutiable goods、Financial integration service platform...

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